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'Pepper' and Chris at Carkeek Park.
My dog Pepper loves this toy.  FETCH BOY was conceived about 4 years ago when I tried to fix a worn out rubber-band ball toy Pepper loved.  I took the cords that pulled through the ball, attached them to a frame and was amazed how far it would launch the ball.  It launches tennis balls even farther, over 100 feet before it's first bounce!  I then set out to improve the design for effectiveness and durability.  Everyday, weather permitting, Pepper runs after these launched balls out in our open field or at the park.  I know your dog will learn to love this toy too!
FETCH BOY comes to you assembled, with a clean used tennis ball, ready to play, for only $35 plus shipping.

FETCH BOY'S Attributes:
Fetch Boy can be safe and fun if used properly! 
Never point the launcher at anyone including your dog. Handling and safety instructions included with each order.
  • Anyone from the ages of 10 on up can now launch tennis balls farther and faster than ever.  Even people with some physical limitations will find it easy to give their dog a good workout.
  • Tennis elbow and other symptoms of fatigue, due to repetitive throwing, will be reduced using this launcher.  Your dog will also enjoy the extra range at which tennis balls can be thrown.
  • Fetch Boy provides great exercise for you and your dog.  Put as much effort into launching balls as you desire while giving your dog all the exercise they need.
  • Its great for training!  Launch any ball or soft object farther than you ever could before.
  • The symmetrically designed wood frame will allow a user to launch a ball with either hand, left or right.
  • Our smooth finish and contoured center hand hold will provide hours of comfortable play.
  • Beveled attachment holes in the frame extend the life of the latex cords.
  • Our latex canvas pouch grips the ball while not getting soggy and should last over 2000 launches.
  • Fetch Boy is lightweight!  Our all wood frame weighs less than 2 pounds and measures about 27 inches long by 22 inches wide at the open end.  Fastened together pneumatically and glued, you can expect the launcher to last over 5000 launches. 
  • We finish each one with a bright scarlet stain and a smooth shellac finish.
Melinda and Pepper at Carkeek Park in Seattle.

Fetch Boy's Ball Launcher combines the functions of a slingshot and a bow and arrow. This design allows just about anybody with practice, to easily launch a tennis ball up to 120 feet before its first bounce. Adhering to the following safety and use guidelines and using common sense will go a long way toward preventing injury when using this launcher.

Do not try to launch anything but soft balls and other soft objects. This launcher is designed for, and is most effective, launching tennis balls.

Do not point this launcher at anyone at close range, including your dog.

Please read the following instructions before attempting to use this launcher.

Launching instructions:
When preparing to launch, take care to inspect the cords, pouch and frame for wear and tear and replace if necessary.  The cords and pouch will likely wear out first.  They have, in tests, lasted over three thousand launches before any kind of wear results. When holes or tears in them begin to appear, replacement is necessary. 

Before placing the ball in the pouch make sure the cord knots are tight.  Tighten them if necessary.  Also make sure the cords are relaxed and not twisted.  Launching a ball with twisted cords will cause the ball to launch in a different direction than intended. This may cause the ball to hit the frame or yourself and cause injury.
    The safest and most effective way to launch a ball is to use the pouch material to grasp the ball when pulling it back.  Touching the ball with your fingers or palm just prior to launch may cause the ball to spin during launch, increasing the potential for injury. 
Launch a tennis ball so the line of the cords are 6 inches from the frame.

The line of the cords are 6 inches from the frame.  To launch, pull back the pouch holding the ball (like a bow and arrow) while at the same time allowing about 6 inches between the cords and the back of the frame.  Launching a ball with the cords too close to the frame may cause the ball to hit the frame increasing the potential for injury.
   Start slow with short launches so you can get used to how the launcher works.  With some practice you can quickly achieve some long launches, up to 120 feet or more.  Ideally, for the longest launch, the cords must stretched to their fullest potential.  This can be done by extending the arm holding the frame as far forward as possible while pulling back the arm holding the pouch and ball as far back as possible (like a bow and arrow). This may take some time to coordinate but the resulting distance achieved will surely delight any retrieving dog. 


Pouch and cord reassembly instructions.
1. Fold the pouch with the shiny side of the fabric inside and the rough side to the outside.  Pass the latex cord through both holes in one pass. Make sure the shiny side of the fabric is inside the pouch.
Pull the cords tight from both sides! 2. Tie a very tight slipknot on the bottom of the pouch. Alternate pulling the cords equally tight from both ends of the knot.  Make sure, when knotting that the short end of the cord, or tag, is about an inch long and pointed toward the center of the pouch. 
NOTE. If the tag is pointed toward the "A" frame the knot will come undone and may cause injury during launch.
Make sure ther is about 1 inch of extra cord (tag) after the knot.
3. Pass the long end of the cord through the beveled hole in the "A" frame and knot on the other side with a tight slipknot. Make sure your knot is not too tight or it will pull through the frame. Leave this tag about an inch long. Pass the cord through the beveled hole, knot it on the unbeveled side.
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